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Credentials & Work

Julie has 29 years experience as a licensed massage therapist. She is a graduate of the Florida School of Massage and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Southampton College of Long Island University. She has continued additional studies in therapeutic healing arts. As a massage practitioner, she concentrates in connective tissue, orthopedic/sports injury, Swedish massage and positional release.

Massage & Your Health

Through massage therapy, Julie and GMT massage professionals, help their clients find relief from pain that arises from varied causes. Whether your pain and discomfort is stemming from activities related to sitting at work or school hunched over a computer screen, from manual labor bending, twisting and lifting, or rigorous exercise, our massage therapists can help. Clients suffering from chronic illness will also benefit from massage. Julie and GMT’s therapists have helped bring relief to their clients from symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and more. Their healing therapy has helped those suffering from accidents, whether it be from automobile accidents or  horse riding injuries. Today’s world has many combating emotional stress and anxiety, leading to very real pain in the body.  Our philosophy at Gainesville Massage Therapy is to meet each person where they are in life and their body, in the week, the day, the moment. Our therapists will work to provide you a relaxing, therapeutic experience to ease your pain.

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