Administrative Professionals’ Day Massage

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Celebrate Admin Day with Massage

Who else besides mom knows where everything is in the house? Most likely your administrative professionals know just about where everything is in the office, on the computer, maybe even your own desk! If they don’t know where something is, they quickly will. They know what you need, and now it’s your turn to show them you know what they need. Treat them with relaxing onsite massage, delivered by Gainesville Massage Therapy’s best massage therapists.
Administrative Professionals’ Day, Secretaries’ Day, or Admin Day is one day in April that recognizes the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals. Cards, flowers, chocolate, lunch are typical gifts, but doesn’t that sound so typical of many holidays? Be atypical, be creative, show deep gratitude and hire a team of massage therapists to massage your team of life-saving organizers!

Relieve Stress with Office Massage

No one is perfect, and yet look at the most efficiently run offices and it would be hard to not think the admin staff ARE perfect! They do the mundane tasks of organizing, sorting, planning so others in the office stay focused on their work, and less stressed. Admin day is a day to show just how much you too notice their work and notice their needs. Give them a day to relax and not lift a finger. Consider bringing our therapists to your staff of administrators, making a day of it, pairing massage with healthy foods, drinks, and soft music. Gift certificates are available for massages at our office too.