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Gainesville’s Best Corporate Event Massage

Gainesville Massage Therapy is here to make a difference at all your events! Julie Burgevin has years of experience working for various sized companies at all kinds of corporate & business events. The “GMT” team of qualified professionals knows how to add the right relaxing touch to your special venue.

A Massage Event to Remember

Massage has gained in popularity, & those guests who’ve had massage before will be so grateful. Those who’ve not had massage can take the opportunity to experience the ease of onsite chair massage. They may be overjoyed & remember their first massage was at this event. Be known as the thoughtful employer, who recognizes all people who make the company a success.

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Massage for Workplace Wellness

When you are ready to make health and well being your company’s culture, call Gainesville Massage Therapy! We have contracted with several companies in Gainesville area, offering weekly, bi-weekly and monthly massages.  Some companies choose to pay the full fee, whereas others have a split cost between company and employee.

Choose Gainesville Massage Therapy for a variety of reasons!

Julie has been doing massage for 29 years and in that time has done thousands of massages, and hundreds of onsite events. She has learned what employers and employees like. Excellent communication, respect and professionalism, strong yet sensitive massage therapists, are a few qualities setting GMT therapists apart from others. With our team, your company does not have to settle with one therapist each week or month, but rather experience more than one quality therapist rotating turns on your scheduled wellness days.  Employees have preferences and therapists have different touch. A goal of ours is to connect clients with the therapists from whom they receive the most benefit. We are fair in our prices for employers while paying fair wages for therapists; our company began and grew here in Gainesville, FL. We are here to make a difference in the wellness of many who live and work here in Gainesville and the surrounding area.

Corporate Event Chair Massage Gainesville Florida

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Give The Gift That Gives More

If you are looking for a special gift that is certain to impress, whether for a beloved family member or an important business associate, the Gainesville Massage Therapy gift card is the perfect choice. Don’t just give your family and friends a gift. Give them a relaxing, unforgettable experience. Keep in mind that you can purchase these without leaving your home.  You can email it immediately or print it and have it ready at your convenience.