Therapeutic Massage


Note: We give the full time allotted for appointments, provided clients show up on time. A 60 minute massage is 60-minutes.

Thai Massage

Unavailable at this time. Know anyone who is a licensed massage therapist practicing Thai massage? Send them our way if need to grow clients and need a clean, licensed location.

Above treatments provide the addition of natural essential oil blend throughout.

Choose “Aroma-Hot Stone” below to add hot stones for fewer hot stones through out your treatment.

Hot Stone Massage Services

You can choose to have a full massage session with hot stones throughout, or add on some stones for one or two areas. Additionally, include aromatherapy with the warmth of stones. 

Full Hot Stone Treatments (+$20)

Choose “Aroma- Hot Stone” for addition of natural essential oil blend.

Choose “add-on” for fewer hot stones through out your treatment.

Cupping / Decompression Therapy

Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping is a form of cupping that uses small cups to create a gentle vacuum effect, lifting the facial tissue. This technique helps to increase circulation, and bring nutrients to the skin, creating a rejuvenating, healthy glow to the one’s face. 


You can choose to have your full massage session with cupping throughout, or add-on for one or two areas. For add-on choose the “therapeutic & relaxing” services with Becky or Julie, and we will add at appointment time. 

Tandem "Couples" Massage

We do not have a room where couples are seen together. You are in separate rooms, simply receiving in tandem.  Please call Julie to arrange – 352-870-2381

Corporate & Event Chair Massage

Employer Pricing

2 hour minimum (5 employees minimum)

Employee Pricing

On-Site Chair Massage

We can come to on-site locations that are not work related too! Think of retirement parties, in-home birthday parties, game day tailgating, and more!  We too will go to the hospitals to massage loved ones tending to another or those being treated in the hospital for injury or sickness. Please get permission from your doctor.

Hospital Visit

Therapist Pricing

2 hour minimum (5 people minimum)

Per Person Pricing