Corporate Gift Massage

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How it works

Clients Love the Gift of Massage

Corporate gifts can be an important way to demonstrate to your clients you genuinely appreciate them. When done with style, like professional massage therapy, a gift can provide a great return-on-investment by strengthening business relationships. The gratitude will flow in both directions by providing the personal touch of massage therapy to your reliable clients.

Out Shine with an Outstanding Corporate Gift

Search “Corporate Gift Ideas” and everything is about food, wine, or more doo-dads and tchotchkes that will fill your desk drawers. It’s time to show them you really care about them and their health. Rank higher, stand out in their minds and hearts with onsite chair massage! Their happiness will deepen their trust in you.

Scheduling Massage is Easy for Your Business Clients

Gainesville Massage Therapy can make it easy for you to give the gift of chair massage to your business clients. GMT’s licensed and professional massage therapists can set up in your office where you may want to host the event, or we can set up in your client’s office (Gainesville, Florida and the surrounding area). We are local and close at hand, living and working here in Alachua County, North Central Florida. Contact us now to schedule and leave a lasting impression on your client. Even if you are across the country or oceans, our therapists are here and eager to help you.