Celebrate National Nurses Week with Massage Therapy

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Get Onsite Massage for National Nurses Week

The American Nurses Association began to recognize the nursing profession back in 1993. The week of May 6-12 was created to honor the dedication nurses give to their jobs. This week befittingly ends on the birthday of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. Celebrate it with massages! We offer onsite event massage to businesses ranging with nursing staff in the hundreds, to those with a handful of staff at small doctor’s offices.

Chair Massage Gifts for the Care Givers

When relaxing at the job seems counter-intuitive, let us host your small event at our facility. We offer chair or table massage for groups of four to twelve. Create a relaxing event that is sure to be loved. Let us give nurses the much-needed stress relief they’re craving.

Foot Massage for a Nurse in your life.

Nurses are on their feet for long hours during their shifts, walking corridors of hard floors, caring for patients who would rather not be there at all. They can rest their tired legs in our zero-gravity chairs and begin to let stress melt away!

Massage Relieves Stress for Nurses

Many of us know a nurse. Some of us have had a nurse’s care, or they’ve cared for our loved ones. A nurse may be our employee, spouse, parent, child, friend, or colleague! Regardless of the relationship, ALL of them need our love and appreciation. Perhaps you are the nurse reading this, which means it’s time to get the care you need. Feel the difference an hour can make under the skilled hands of our therapists.