Convention Chair Massage

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How it works

Be Exceptional by Offering Massage

Conventions are a time to make connections, learn new things, see colleagues, and GET MASSAGES! As the convention’s event organizer, hire Gainesville Massage Therapy to give your speakers, teachers, vendors and attendees an added bonus! Whether behind the scenes to provide an escape and relaxation for the event organizers and speakers, or out on the floor with the vendors for everyone to enjoy, we provide the best massage!

Business Vendors Add Massage to your Booth

Conventions have their trade show component as well, and many people will attend conventions purely to shop at the show. Include massage at your booth to draw those people to you. Let them experience some relaxation and joy, as they purchase your products or sign up for your services.

Onsite Seated Massage at Your Convention

So whether you are the convention’s organizer or you are a business vendor, let us show your clients and guests the way to take it all in. They can sit, relax, take a break from the hub-bub, and return to the next speaker’s presentation fully alert and raring to go.
Gainesville Massage Therapy has provided our services throughout Alachua County. We’ve attended meetings and conventions at Roland T. Stern Learning Center part of University of Florida at Austin Cary Forest Campus, Santa Fe College, and multiple University of Florida locations. From spiritual and religious, science and research, to technology or crafts, we’ve been to many!
Large or uniquely quaint, our massage team will handle all with relaxing and healing touch. Keep the crowds coming every year knowing we will be there as an added enjoyment.