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Gainesville Sun’s Community Choice Awards

“Best of the Best” 2018 Winner for “Best Massage”


Gainesville Massage Therapy is grateful to all who voted!

It came as a pleasant surprise when my neighbors and my clients were congratulating me.  I had not solicited any votes, and had only heard of this event via one person.  I did not give it any attention! So imagine my surprise when I won; my business won.  I am Julie Burgevin the owner of this quaint and small massage practice in Gainesville, Florida.  I’ve built my business alone, slowly but surely, aiming to give truly quality massage every step of the way.  I am so appreciative of all the people I’ve been able to help over the years.  On a rough estimate, with the help of computers since 2001 and prior simply SOAP notes and manila folders since 1990, I personally have massaged close to 10,000 different people!  Add to that an additional 2,000 at least; those that the subcontractors have massaged, for part of the later years. This does not take into account the countless hours of onsite massage work myself and our team have done.  We truly are grateful to all that have come to see us.

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